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Counseling for Professional Fulfillment

Navigate your career path with confidence through our counseling service. We offer guidance on goal-setting, skill enhancement, and work-life balance. Transform challenges into opportunities and achieve professional fulfillment with personalized support tailored to your unique journey.

Happiness comes form The Between

Our quest for happiness is often tied to the difference between our current reality and our perceived ideal self. Yet, the influences of social media and societal pressures can magnify this gap, leaving us feeling lost.

Gerard Dunning

Welcome to our Counselling Practice

This is your sanctuary, your space, and your time. A confidential realm where you can freely explore your thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

In counseling, we offer tailored support to navigate challenges and find fulfillment in your work and career. Together, we'll explore your goals, develop strategies for success, and create a plan that aligns with your aspirations, empowering you to thrive professionally and personally.

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Our Counselling Contract covers what to expect from our Counselling Service and Approach. It is important that you review this before commencing Counselling

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Sessions can be via Phone, Video Conference or In-Person at North Avoca Holistic Wellbeing.

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Invest in yourself and your relationships and witness the lifelong dividends of profound happiness, genuine connections, and unwavering personal confidence that Counselling can bring into your life

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First Contact - Overcoming Fears with Person-Centered Counselling

Embarking on the journey to seek support can be an intimidating step. Many of us harbor fears when considering the first contact with a counselling service. Let's address these concerns and shine a light on the welcoming embrace of Person-Centered Counselling.

Fear: Judgment

It's natural to worry about being judged when sharing personal struggles. In Person-Centered Counselling, acceptance is at the core. The environment is free of judgment, providing a safe space where your experiences are acknowledged and valued.

Fear: Opening Up

Opening up about our innermost thoughts and feelings can be daunting. Person-Centered Counselling respects your pace. The process is client-led, ensuring that you share only what you feel comfortable sharing, empowering you to navigate the therapeutic journey at your own pace.

Fear: Vulnerability

Vulnerability can be scary, but it's also a source of strength. Person-Centered Counselling celebrates your authenticity. It's a space where being vulnerable is not a weakness but a courageous step towards growth and self-discovery.

Fear: Feeling Overwhelmed

The fear of feeling overwhelmed by emotions or the therapeutic process is valid. Person-Centered Counselling provides a supportive and empathetic environment. Your counsellor works collaboratively with you, offering guidance and ensuring that you feel heard and understood.

Fear: Lack of Connection

Building a connection with your counsellor is crucial. Person-Centered Counselling places a strong emphasis on the therapeutic relationship. Your counsellor is there to connect with you genuinely, fostering a bond built on trust and mutual respect.

In the realm of Person-Centered Counselling, the first contact is a courageous step towards self-discovery and healing. Here, fears are met with understanding, judgment is replaced with acceptance, and the journey unfolds at your pace. Take that brave step – you're not alone, and support is waiting.

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Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in empathy, compassion, and non-judgemental. We believe that every person's story is unique and deserving of the utmost care and attention. Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing space where you can freely express your thoughts and emotions. We focus on Person-Centered Counselling, Gestalt and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT).

Personal & Confidential

Through personalised counselling sessions, we'll work together to unravel the challenges you're facing, explore the dynamics of your relationships, and enhance your personal confidence. Our aim is to equip you with the tools and insights to build healthier connections with your loved ones and embrace your true self with confidence and authenticity.

Guidance & Support

You don't have to navigate this journey alone. We are here to walk alongside you, offering support and guidance every step of the way. Whether you're seeking individual counselling, couples therapy, or family intervention, we tailor our services to suit your unique needs. Counselling is your space, and your time.


Relationships form the foundation of our lives, shaping our sense of belonging and fulfilment. We recognise the challenges that can arise in intimate partnerships, friendships, and extended family connections. Our aim is to support you in cultivating healthy communication patterns, resolving conflicts, and rediscovering the joy and love that drew you together in the first place.

Family Dynamics
Family Dynamics

Family is the heart of our practice, and we believe in the power of nurturing and strengthening those bonds. Whether you are seeking guidance to navigate through turbulent times, seeking tools to enhance communication and understanding, or aiming to create a harmonious home environment, our compassionate approach is tailored to your unique needs.

Youth Development
Youth Development

Childhood is a time of immense growth and development, and we are passionate about providing the necessary support for children to thrive. Whether your child is struggling with emotional challenges, facing transitions, or experiencing behavioural issues, our child-focused therapies provide a nurturing space for exploration, healing, and growth.

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Counselling for Work and Career Stress

The Key to Your Success

What our clients say about their experience:

"I embarked on a journey of self-discovery through counselling and CBT with Gerard, and the experience has been nothing short of remarkable."

"Counselling provided me with a safe, non-judgemental space to explore my thoughts and emotions, allowing me to unravel the complexities of my mind. Gerard's empathetic guidance empowered me to navigate life's challenges with new-found resilience and clarity."

"CBT, in particular, was a game-changer. It equipped me with practical tools to identify and re-frame negative thought patterns, transforming my mindset from one of self-doubt to self-belief. The resilience I gained allowed me to face obstacles head-on, turning them into stepping stones toward personal growth."

"This transformative experience wasn't just about finding happiness; it was about creating it. I've learned that the power to reshape my life lies within me, and counselling and CBT were the guiding lights on this incredible journey."

"The Counselling experience allowed me to unpack my emotional baggage and lighten the load. I've never felt more liberated."

"Gerard showed me that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It's amazing how a listening ear and professional guidance can lead to profound personal growth."

About Your Counsellor

Gerard has come to psychotherapy from a career in broadcast media, business coaching and adult education spanning personal development and management. He is the author of the Brighter Start Academy programme for young adults.

Gerard Dunning is an accredited member of the Australian Counselling Association (member #27034). For any matters concerning Code of Ethics and Practice, contact The Australian Counselling Association, or download a copy of the code here.

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